Barbara’s Welcome Post

Life is full of opportunities. That’s what I’ve learned growing up. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be given the opportunity to study abroad during my college years here at Mount Mary University or get the chace to travel. Yet here I am, full of emotions writing my first blog post the day before I leave for Scandinavia. 

I would like to say that I am adventurous, but in all honesty, I’m more of a homebody. The idea of traveling is exciting, yet nerve wrecking for me. I have become comfortable around things that I know, so this trip will definitely help me spread my wings and allow me to immerse myself in a whole new culture. Or it could do the complete opposite. All jokes aside, I am very excited to begin a new chapter in my life. 

For this study abroad trip, it actually benefits me in several ways. Not only is this my first time traveling out of the country, but the classes that are going on this trip are for both my major of interior design and my minor of new media. Getting to sight see what I am passionate about in another country will be quite interesting and give me a different perspective, so I am excited for this new experience. We will be exploring three countries on this trip to Scandinavia stopping in Copenhagen, Denmark first. Our next stop will be in Oslo, Norway and our last stop will be in Stockholm, Sweden. 

With a total of 12 days to see three different countries, our schedules will definitely be jam packed with exciting places to visit back to back. So, come along for the ride as I blog the next 12 days of my first journey out of the country. 


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