Marissa’s Welcome Post

My name is Marissa Groh.  My major was Sociology when I went to Mount Mary University.  I am a graduate of Mount Mary!  I have never been to Scandinavia before, so this will be my second time going to Europe.  The first time was when I went to Paris with the band in high school.  I turned sweet 16 there!  My blogging class will be going to Copenhagen, Denmark, Malmo, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway.  The reason why I wanted to go to Scandinavia because my family had a foreign exchange student over to our house in high school and she is from Oslo, Norway.  I wanted to see for myself what it is like.  I also wanted to go to Ireland when I was still in college, but it got cancelled.  I am going as a Mount Mary University Alum, so I can still get the chance to study abroad even if I already graduated.  I chose to take the blogging course because I have never written a blog before and I would like to learn how!  I am going for the experience and learn how to write a blog.

I love cooking, baking especially!  My passion for cooking got started when I would bake Christmas cookies with my mom when I was 6 years old!  I can’t wait to try authentic Swedish meatballs!  I have had them before, but not authentic ones.  I also can’t wait to try Swedish pancakes because I have not had them before!  And lingonberries!


If you can’t get enough of my posts, please read on and follow our Scandinavia Trip blog to see what we have been doing, and where we are going to!


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  1. Megan Gilbert says:

    Your trip is inspiring to me – you took a risk to travel to a new place. And your experiences will always be with you. PS I love the picture with the bike and flowers:)

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