Marina’s Welcome Post

I could never express just how excited I am to be traveling to Scandinavia next week! I never thought I would have the opportunity to study abroad being a non-traditional student. Here at Mount Mary University, dreams really do come true! It has always been my dream to travel to Europe, and we get to go to three countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden (eek!)

This trip will be the perfect way to end my last semester. I worked really hard to get here, including working two jobs while taking 18 credits this spring. I know this will be a trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait to start this incredible journey. I truly want to experience new exciting cultures, and have a better view of this wonderful, yet crazy world.


I have never travelled overseas before, so I do have some reservations. Mainly, I HATE flying. When I am in the air, this death gripping anxiety takes hold of me, and it takes an eternity to calm myself. Luckily we are taking a night flight so hopefully I can sleep the entire time (thanks to Benadryl of course). Other than that, I am super eager to go on this trip.

Both sides of my family are from Europe, (Germany and Croatia) so at least I’ll have a small taste of what life is like there. I cannot wait to roam the streets of Copenhagen, see the magnificent fjords of Norway, and view the multicolored architecture in Sweden. Did I mention shopping? I cannot wait!

I hope you’ll join me on my journey to Scandinavia, I will be posting a blog everyday starting March 2nd.

All my love,

Marina Maras


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  1. Monica Maras says:

    I hope you have a fabulous time!!! You deserve it!


  2. Marmy Clason says:

    You certainly deserve to have a wonderful time! You have worked so hard Marina and I am so proud of you. Breathe in the culture and the experiences!

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    1. marinamaras says:

      Thanks Marmy!!!


  3. Kari says:

    Hello Marina!
    I read your post and was immediately connected to you because we both are non-traditional students! I traveled to Peru in 2013 with Nan and graduated in 2014. Although I was the oldest student in the group, I often felt the youngest and that I appreciated the experience more than my younger counterparts. My travels allowed me to become a “real” student, engage and enjoy my classmates. Being a non-traditional student, my classes were at night and the responsibilities of work/family, didn’t provide me with hanging out with my classmates during the day after class, or at night. I admit that when the time drew near for our departure, my group became homesick, whereas I became sad. I was enjoying my moment of freedom and did not want to return to my reality and responsibilities. So, Marina, all of that to say this: Enjoy your travels and try to see/appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary. Savor every moment, from a cup of coffee and a treat, to just people watching. Smile everyday and find the good in the mundane, even while standing in line. Excited to read more from your blog!

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    1. marinamaras says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments Kari! I read your poster at Mount Mary, and it got me so excited to travel here. Thanks for reading!!!


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