Emily’s Welcome Post

Hello all, and welcome to my first ever blog post! I am excited to be writing a travel blog for the next few weeks but I am even more excited to be traveling to Europe in 6 short days to go on my first overseas adventure! I like to consider myself a bit of a adventure seeker, but my past adventures have not yet taken me out of the country. So as this will be my first time in Europe, it will also be my first time immersed in a culture that is not my own.

For a little background on myself, I am a Senior at Mount Mary studying Biology! I will graduate this coming December with a Bachelors in Biology in hopes of making a career in medical lab sciences. I love to travel, specifically traveling to hike! I have travelled to 12 states in the US, 3 of which I have done serious hiking in. My most memorable and amazing hike I’ve been on was hiking the Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon down to Plateau Point and back out in the same day. It was breathtaking-both physically exhausting and gorgeous at the same time. I have always been interested in traveling to new places, but this is the first opportunity I have had to travel abroad.


(Me at the South Rim overlook of the Grand Canyon, the day before hiking down to the bottom in 2012)

I am very excited to be traveling to Scandinavia, specifically to Oslo, Norway because my Mom is Norwegian and my family loves to indulge in our favorite Norwegian foods, yet I am unfamiliar with the culture. Copenhagen and Stockholm will also be very interesting to me because I have always been intrigued by the other people in the world. I feel we as Americans don’t do very much to learn from the other cultures of the world. We view ourselves and our government as superior but don’t take the time to stop and learn a thing or two from other thriving countries. This experience will hopefully cure me of my lack of knowledge of the Scandinavian culture!

I hope you are as excited as I am to be reading along as I travel! Follow along with my journey on Instagram, http://www.instagram.com/emilyjgoetz   Stay tuned for my next post, from Stockholm!



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