Ashley’s Welcome Post

Tomorrow, I will embark on one of the most daring adventures I have ever taken on in my life: I will be studying abroad.

Hello All! My name is Ashley and I am a sophomore at Mount Mary University: welcome to my travel blog! Blogging is a new art to me, and I am excited to develop my skills, as well as share my travel experience with you.

I have never left the country, flown on a plane, or even stepped foot inside an airport. Currently, I am engulfed with a sort of jumpy nervous excitement: I have no idea what to expect over the course of my trip, all that I am certain of is that it will be incredible. Having never flown on a plane, I really hope I get a window seat so I can see the world from above. Also, on March 11th, I will celebrate my 20th birthday in Stockholm, Sweden: this is a gift I feel unimaginably grateful for.

Just a bit about me: from a young age, I have always held a passion for the Scandinavian countries. The fantastic beauty of their ethereal, lush landscapes, as well as my fascination with Viking history, ignited within me a dream to visit them one day. Additionally, and to the surprise of my parents, at a young age I decided that I wanted to name my future children with Old Norse names (they are actually very supportive of the idea!). I am a Communications major with a Studio Art minor, as well as an RA at my campus. I love the ocean, trying new things, having fun, good food, nature, and art.

10552460_515232265243861_7532337197254771062_n(One of my favorite ways to relax, reflect, and have fun is to be outdoors. Here I am hiking at Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, WI. This is one of my favorite spots in the state).

I am certain that through stepping outside of my “American bubble,” I will be able to foster, strengthen, and further develop aspects related to open-mindedness and cultural appreciation, as well as begin to live and think through a global mindset. I will learn about the world and my major within a different environment and through different perspectives, allowing me to see them through a new lens.

It is hard for me to formulate into words how truly excited, thankful, and eager I am to begin this experience.

If you’d like to follow my journey, each day I will be posting something new on this blog so make sure to check back in!

Until next time,




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