Let the Adventures Begin

After a somewhat painful eight hour flight, we finally landed in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have to say, it didn’t hit me that I was out of the country until I stepped out of the plane and struggled to find signs that were in English. Not to mention that the surrounding environment was different (in a way that I’m not sure how to explain), but it was breathtaking. After leaving the airport, the air was so crisp and fresh and the architecture blew me away. I absolutely fell in love with the historical architecture with neutral colors and beautiful rich brick houses mixed in with the delicate pastel and bright bold colors. It’s something different from what I normally see in the US and as an interior design major, I loved the modern style mixed with the historical buildings.

I also never found myself walking the streets for long hours. In all honesty, I’m not one to enjoy walking around from place to place for the majority of the day, so I was surprised when it didn’t bother me too much that our main transportation around the area was by foot. The new sights to see occupied the pain of walking all day, and I found myself enjoying the fresh hair and the walks. I definitely got my fitness in for the day! What did surprise me though, was the fashion of the people who did walk the streets. Fashion is hardly comprimized here. Whether on bike, or walking the streets, the people here are always stylish.

As the sun began to fall, and the sky grew dark, it was interesting to experience the night life of a busy city setting. There were people filling the streets, walking, biking, and enjoying the crisp night. I was able to experience a taste of the night life walking with a group of girls, exploring new places to check out. As the night draws to an end and I am exhausted from the fun adventures on this first day, I have never been so happy to have taken this opportunity to be here in Copenhagen, Denmark. This trip has truely sparked a love for traveling for me, and I can’t wait for the adventurous days that follow. Tune in tomorrow as I tour some more beautiful sights of Copenhagen and see an opera.


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