Safe, Sound, and on the Ground: København Day One 

I have always loved the ocean and all the life within it since I was a little girl, and while flying above it, I wondered how many whales, if any, were swimming below. What else was I supposed to think about on a eight hour flight?

Safely landing in Copenhagen at around 1:00 PM, my very first flight had concluded and my nerves had been quelled. The eight hour flight was surprisingly enjoyable: we were offered complementary headphones and a selection of movies to choose from, a pillow, blanket, drinks, and two meals, dinner and breakfast, both which were actually very tasty. I am unimaginably thankful for my friend and fellow RA, Carly, who insisted that I trade seats with her and sit by the window for my first flight. I don’t think she truly knows how grateful I am of her gesture. My favorite part of the flight was taking off: I was shocked at how fast the plane left the ground and how steep it climbed into the sky. Cutting upwards through parts of Canada and then over the North Atlantic, I was amazed by the fact that I  was in a plane, 37,000 feet above the ocean, watching a movie: it just seemed almost unreal to me. Perhaps the most memorable moment from my flight is when I peered out of the window while we were flying over the North Atlantic and saw a night sky speckled with some of the brightest stars I have ever seen; including a few shooting stars.

As I got off the plane, it was a unique feeling to be in a different country, on a different continent, half-way around the world. The danish were somewhat reserved, yet incredibly kind, polite, and friendly to interact with. We spent most of the day walking the streets of Copenhagen, taking in the city atmosphere and visiting several well-known cultural icons, like the Christiansborg Palace. img_0002The city is filled with beautiful architecture adorned with intricate metals and sculpture. I was blown away by the number of bicyclists on the roads. Our bus driver offered us some humorous wisdom as he dropped us off in the city: with a laugh, he said,  “be careful where you step, the bikes have no mind for you.” My first day in Copenhagen ended by eating the freshest salmon I have ever tasted for dinner, some shopping, and a late-night walk through the city.

Mixing the modern with the historic, my initial day in Copenhagen was incredible and exciting. I look forward to further exploring the city in the days to come, discovering more of its rich history and hidden gems.

Becoming engulfed with tiredness from jet lag and my busy day, I think I will now get some rest.

Until next time,



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