Erica’s Welcome Post

My name is Erica Marion. I am currently a junior at Mount Mary University studying biology. One of my career goals is to be a medical professional that specializes in global environmental health.


Since high school I have always wanted to travel abroad. My first time out of the country was to Costa Rica where I completed 100 hours of community service. My service included agriculture on an organic farm at La Flinca de Flor, painting a daycare and school inside and out in the town of Cachi, and providing trail maintence in Mountain Verde. I also got to do a lot of fun things such as zip lining in a clouded rainforest, and trying new foods The best part overall was staying with a host family.


My first trip to Europe was in Paris, France. Paris was very beautiful but also reserved. I was able to experience the chaos of the Eiffel Tower on New Years, visit different art museums, and lock away my family’s love on the “Love Lock Bridge.” The culture was welcoming and I was able to learn a lot through the different people I met.


I  am excited to be traveling to multiple countries in one trip.  By this being my second time  in Europe, I know that I will continue to be open in discovering and experiencing new things. What I look forward to most is the FOOD! While dining in Paris, the food was delicious Food helps me connect with a country on a personal level. You ARE what you EAT!



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