IMG_6527.JPGAmalienborg is the palace that the Danish Royal family, which is the oldest Monarchy in the world, lives in! According to a quick google search to the Danish Royal website Amalienborg’s biggest attraction is the Royal Guard, which changes everyday at noon. They march from their barracks in Gothersgade 100, which is by Rosenberg Castle, (another of the Royal family’s palaces, there are 9 total throughout Denmark, 3 that they actually reside in) throughout the streets of Copenhagen, ending at Amelienborg! This is a big attraction in Copenhagen and one thing I was interested in watching!

IMG_6492.JPGThe Amalienborg estate is made up of 4 identical buildings. Moltke’s Palace which is used as a guest residences, Brockdorff’s Palace which is the home of the Crown Prince Family, Schack’s Palace where the Queen and the Prince Consort live, and Levetzau’ Palace where Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte stay when they visit.

The Palace contains a museum, which goes back over 150 years to highlight the Royal Danish family back to King Christian IX and Queen Louise(s), (King Christian IX had 3 different wives all conveniently named Louise). Fun Fact: King Christian IX and Queen Louise had 4 children, who all ascended to thrones in England, Greece, Russia, and Denmark.

The Amalienborg Palace Museum also offers insight into the Royal Family of today, giving details on their duties and traditions. The museum also shows portraits of past and present Danish Royals, as well as depicting the colorful history of the infamous, and exclusive, Royal Family.


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