I’m not Copen-hating this place

As I step out of the airport, I realize that this country looks just like good old Wisconsin. The weather is crisply cold, but not too horrible. As we navigate the beautiful landscape, I know that we are far from Milwaukee. Right away I noticed the great detailed architecture that is filled with all kinds of graffiti. There are bicycles everywhere, and many people walking on the street. I hope that I fall in love with this city, and get to see everything it has to offer.

We all landed in Copenhagen safe and sound around 12:45pm Denmark time. The flight was really smooth, and my frantic nervousness calmed down about after an hour in the air. I must have been to0 excited, because I was only able to sleep for like 1-2 hours (plus the fact that the seat was really uncomfortable, and they had good movies to watch).

We then boarded an enormous bus that took us to our hotel. On the way, we got to see some of Copenhagen’s finest architecture. The buildings are very different from those in the U.S..

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Our hotel is pretty cramped because we are three people sharing a two-bedroom room (but hey, isn’t that how bff’s are made?). The Hotel Comfort Vesterbro has a great lounge and is really neat looking on the inside. It’s also in a really nice location because you can walk to all the shops, restaurants, banks, and anything you could possibly want or need.

The entire Mount Mary group went to our “welcome dinner” and we had a splendid time. The only problem was that all 20-something of us chose this restaurant and they only had one cook, and one server. We were all pretty hungry, and luckily we got served first, but the other tables had to wait like another hour or so. I ordered the Wienerschnitzel and it was absolutely delicious!  It is basically a pork loin that been tenderized and breaded. It then came with creamy potatoes, fresh grated horseradish, fresh peas, and a lucious gravy.


Next, we headed back to the hotel after eating and did a little souvenir hunting. By this point, we were mostly exhausted. My roommate Sheila and I tried to wind down by writing our blog post, and getting ready for bed. Then it turns out that our shower was broken, and we had re-pack all of or luggage and change rooms at 11:00 pm! I am now very tired, but overall had an amazing and adventurous first day abroad.

Things I’ve noticed about Danish people so far is that they are very reserved, and do not like to smile at strangers, like we often do when walking past someone in the United States. They are also very polite and friendly, and are willing to help you…if you ask for it. I am really excited to see what happens tomorrow, and hopefully I have more great experiences to share with you.

Thanks for reading!




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