Kobenhavn Cuisine

Have you ever been so hungry that you begin having headaches and the only thing you could think about is popping the first food item you see in your mouth? After sightseeing through Copenhagen’s central park, the group realized everyone was getting “hangry.”  We walked around looking at different menus. While walking, I could smell fried chicken similar to Popeyes back at home and lo mein noodles. Honestly, I may not have been really smelling them things at all, I could have been just daydreaming because I was hungry.

Finally, we decided on a Danish restaurant called City Kroen. As I was looking at the menu, I couldn’t decide what would I enjoy eating. It section showed different categories such as open sandwiches, main dishes, and desserts. One side of the menu was in English and the other side in Danish. Finally, I decided on the “Shooting Star.” The dish contained fried fish, baked fish, shrimp, white asparagus, bread, and a dressing topping.

After 35 minutes:

My table order was taken. As for a drink, I chose orange juice because there weren’t many other options besides a type of juice, water and Pepsi. One of my classmates Emily, informed me that it would be awhile before we would get our food.

After 50 minutes:

My waitress brought my table our drinks. As I looked around to see reason for the slow service I noticed there was only one cook and one waitress.

1 hour and 30 minutes later.

My food finally arrived. Despite the long wait, the food was delicious. The fish was very soft and melted in my mouth. the shrimp was mixed in with the dressing that was topped on my piece of fried fish. I chose not to eat my bread because it very moist due to its position on my place. Do you know any American that enjoys wet bread?   I’m grateful that one of my first experiences in Denmark was satisfying. 

I’m excited for what I will be eating tomorrow. Hopefully I will not starve before my next meal arrives.



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