Watch Your Elk-ohol

As my group and I stood outside Rudentaarn, a historical astronomical observatory located in central Copenhagen, our tour guide, shared with us a interesting tale: “at a party of his once, his pet elk got drunk, fell down the stairs, and died.”

(Rudentaarn observatory tower)

“He” referring to Danish Nobleman and Astronomer, Tycho Brahe, who lived and worked in the late 1500’s. Our walking tour guide, Magnus, shared Brahe’s story and many others with us today as we walked all throughout Copenhagen. The twisting cobblestone roads, colorful buildings, bustling shopping streets, and vibrant town squares were filled with sounds of conversation and live music as the various food vendor’s smells intermingled in the air. In the midst of the crowded city, we were able to catch a glimpse of the castle guard walking through the city; and yes, they were wearing the big fluffy black hats.

Our walking tour ended in Torvehallerne, a food market located in central Copenhagen. Well known for its hotdogs, coffee, beer, sandwiches, and desserts, our tour guide gave us the inside-scoop we needed to find a tasty snack. I have a huge sweet-tooth, and decided to try a cinnamon roll from the Market’s most popular bakery, Laura’s Bakery: it was sweet, soft, gooey, and covered with tons of cream cheese frosting. Costing only 25 Danish Krone ($3.50), Laura’s bakery was affordable and delicious.

Huge loaves of bread, fresh caught sea food, fresh flowers, produce, and meat and cheese counters emphasized Denmark’s passion for fresh and delicious food. The abundance of fresh food really put into perspective for me the contrast between much of the U.S.’s processed food industry.

Perhaps the best part of the whole day was visiting Nyhavn, the iconic row of colorful buildings lining the canal. We took a boat tour through the canals of Copenhagen, viewing all of the city’s historic churches and palaces, as well as the Little Mermaid Statue. Our night ended by watching “Dead Man Walking” in the Copenhagen Opera house. It was my first opera and I was astounded by the raw vocal power of the performers bellowing through the massive auditorium. Accompanied by a live orchestra pit, there were several times throughout the performance that gave my body chills.


With only three more days in Copenhagen, I am determined to make the most of each moment and explore the city as deeply as I can. I wonder what fun awaits me in the days to come…

Until next time,


(Carly and I in front of Nyhavn)


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