Welcome to København!

We just finished our first full day in Copenhagen, Denmark (København, Danmark) and I love it already! The city is a wonderful eclectic mix of old beautiful architecture and modern high rise buildings.

We walked around the city for a few hours this afternoon and saw quite a few different things, but one thing I was excited to see was Tivoli! Tivoli Gardens is a Danish amusement park similar to Disney Land or Six Flags Great America. It’s surrounded by amazing architecture and pretty lights! Too bad it’s out of season and not open.

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We also went to City Hall Square, which is a huge plaza in the middle of the city full of pigeons and people! City Hall is so beautiful from the outside, I can’t imagine what the inside looks like! The Danes certainly know how to build a nice looking building. There are a lot of gold accents and statues on the buildings, too bad we don’t have amazing architecture like this all over in Milwaukee.

My first impressions of Danish culture is that everyone walks or bikes everywhere! It is very common to walk past 5 bikes resting on the window of a store front. I am hoping to be able to find a bike rental business within the next few days and take the city by bike just like the Danish do!

They also have really yummy food and beer! I ordered Kyllinstek for dinner, which is a grilled chicken breast dish and it came with small yellow potatoes and sautéed zucchini, peppers, and onions. Although I am not a fan of onions I noticed they put them in almost everything so I was a good sport and just ate around them (My boyfriend Matt would be proud). After our first Danish dinner at City Kroen we went back to our hotel, which is really nice, and relaxed.

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Of course after relaxing I thought why not submerse myself in Danish culture on the first night and go out on the town! We went to a convenience store and bought Danish Tuborg Pilsner, which was very refreshing, and walked around for a while. After we finished our beers we found an awesome English pub with live music playing nothing but American classics, which was so fun!

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We then hopped from bar to bar back towards our hotel, taste testing Danish and other European beers and talking to the Danes. All around my first day in Copenhagen was amazing! I am so excited for more.


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