5 Facts About Denmark According to Me

Through the huge hustle-bustle of the streets, all I see are buildings and people. I start to think about the identity of the Danish people, and try to figure out what makes them different from people in the U.S. I’ve noticed certain characteristics and actions that the people here share, and had an itch to write them down. I could be completely wrong but this is just what I’ve noticed so far.

1. Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles


It seems that every person here owns a bike….and they aren’t afraid to use them. You have to be very careful walking on the street because at any moment you could be hit by a bicyclist, and they probably would just keep going. Today our hilarious tour guide made a joke that everyone is hit by a bike at least one time before their first birthday.

2. Danes are VERY Reserved

Some of the other girls and I from Mount Mary were talking earlier today about the “rudeness” of the people here. Since everyone is walking on the street, it is more than likely you will accidentally bump into someone. Our American reaction is to say “sorry” or “excuse me”, but Danes do not say a word, and they keep going. One girl from our group was run over by a stroller today, and the person said NOTHING!.

I guess this is just part of their culture here in Copenhagen. They are so reserved that they do not talk to you, smile, or apologize if they run into you. I think it is really important for us to realize that it is not rudeness, we are just not used to this type of culture. If you do need help with something, the people here will gladly help you.

3. Denmark has incredible food!


It has been three days in Copenhagen and every food I tried is simply delicious. For lunch we tried the hot dogs here. You might be thinking really? hot dogs? But actually Denmark is really famous for their organic hotdogs, and they taste nothing like American ones.  They are more like spiced sausages that come in a warm French roll with different toppings. I got mine with a spicy, tangy, mayo and it tasted like meat heaven. It also had peppers and onions that added a nice kick of flavor.

I also got a creamy caffe latte that felt like satin on my tongue. No more Starbucks for me! This was at Coffee Collective.



4. Danes are obsessed with Bacon

On our walking tour today, we learned that there are twice as many pigs in Denmark that there are people. I noticed that everywhere we go, you can add bacon for an additional fee (sounds like ‘Merica to me). They have many pork menu options available at every restaurant.

5. Everyone is dressed really nice

No sweatpants for the Danes! Danish people dress their “Sunday best” everyday of the week. The women are always wearing skirts with tights and fancy boots, and the men just look like they stepped out of a GQ magazine. When we went to the Opera House to see Dead Man Walking, and it looked like people were dressing for the Oscars. They have many designer shops here that will cost you a pretty penny to keep up appearances.




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