The Big Catch

The eggs contained cheese which changed it’s color to more of a golden yellow. The texture of the eggs was quite similar to grits and runny. The olives were moist and filled with a lot of flavor. There were different kinds of meat and cheese available. I decided to chose some miniature slices of salami and liver pate. The liver pate was heavy in salt and had an bitter aftertaste. Then of course, I had to top off my breakfast with yogurt, fresh fruit, and a small glass of orange juice.


For the afternoon, we were able to go on a free walking tour. We learned about a lot of history of Denmark and Christian the 4th. Christian the 4th was an 11 year old prince in the making whose family waited until he was 19 to receive the throne. His life was pretty awesome and lively. He threw a lot of parties. At one of the parties the people in Denmark gave Christian the 4th a fountain with unlimited wine. How awesome is that?

Also we were able to learn about the variety of terrorist attacks that has occurred in Denmark. There’s even a bomb still in one of Denmark’s building wall that was never moved. Wouldn’t it be interesting to walk by an artifact of history everyday.

Our tour guide explained to us the relationship between Denmark and Sweden. I never realized in history how much Denmark and Sweden hated each other in the past. They are the only two countries who have the most wars between each other.



After walking miles, our guide led us to a food tour in Torvehallerne. We were able to eat from a place very similar to the Milwaukee Public Market. On one side there were Danish pastries, beer and coffee. I decided to grab a shot of Columbian coffee from The Coffee Collective. The Coffee Collective is a business made up of three of the best coffee shops in Denmark. As I watched my shot of cappuccino, I watched how the guy delicately created a design by adding milk in specific spots at the top of the cup.

Then I went to the other side of the building that contained cooked and uncooked food. Being a seafood lover, I was dying to taste a plate of oysters. I had paid around 295 kroner or 42 in American dollars for some of the best oysters in Denmark and it was well worth it. The anticipation to slurp the oyster’s contents in my mouth as I watched the female butcher crack them open grew by the second.  Vinegar and lemon was not needed for this dish. You could taste the salt from the ocean within the oyster which blew my mind.

I also ate some “fish and chips.” The batter of the fish really didn’t have much seasoning. As I peeled off the covering, the fished dissembled displaying it’s tenderness. The fish tasted so fresh like it was caught in the early morning just for me.

I look forward to what food I would catch in my mouth tomorrow.



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