What’s in Your Trash?

Today’s exploration began with a little bit of rain, and no umbrella. But the rain didn’t stop me from taking the chance to explore new places. So instead of letting the rain ruin my plans, a group of interior design girls and I ventured out. Our main priorities were to check out several interior design museums since Scandinavia has a lot of unique architecture and interior design history. What sets Scandinavian design apart from others, is that they focus on sustainability.

So, what in the world does sustainability mean, and what does it have to do with you? Well, let me explain what it is, and why it’s so important. Sustainability is basically reusing products in an efficient way to maintain a balance of natural resources. As the world advances, we aren’t always careful with what we use, how we use it, and how we dispose of it. In Copenhagen, the people are very concerned about this issue and use it in all of their designs. So the first place we visited today, was called the Dansk Arkitekture Center where they displayed exhibits of how they use sustainability.

As an interior design major, I geek over these kinds of things, but I find this idea of sustainability to be fascinating and important. The way the materials were displayed were creative, and shows that what you consider “trash” can be reused for a good thing. For example, at the architecture center, they reused water jugs as a wall and had lights from the top that lit up the wall, creating a soft blurred light as well as a unique wall feature. They also reused wood from doors, windows, and other wood framing to create a wall. The strips of wood are attached to larger pieces of wood so this technique can be used for interior or exterior walls with an uneven texture.

In Copenhagen, recycling is a part of daily living. Everywhere you go, you’ll see that there are trash options for the specific type of garbage being thrown away. From the architecture center, it was said that 92% of the plastic is reused plastic. That’s an amazing amount of recycled plastic that helps the environment in the long run.

Since we’ve been here in Copenhagen, I have loved the incorporation of sustainable design, and it can be seen everywhere. Buildings and products are made with reused products making this area an energy efficient place. With trash bin selections available, this give the people here and those that visit, the opportunity to help the environment here. This to me, is amazing and it’s something that doesn’t happen as often as it should. So next time, be aware of what you’re throwing in the trash.

Follow me tomorrow as I take a trip with the interior design group to tour the homeland of IKEA.


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