5 Copenhagen Castle Commandments

Today was very wet and freezing cold, so it was the perfect day to tour the rich-historic interior of the castles (slots in Danish) here in Denmark. First we went to Rosenborg Castle, and then Parliament, which included Christiansborg Castle. I honestly had apprehensive thoughts about touring castles all day because I thought it would get boring after awhile. However, I am very happy to announce that I was wrong (yes, I do admit it sometimes).

1. Get Used to Spiral Staircases 

It seems that the Danish love the design of spiral staircases. I really thought that they were neat when I arrived here, but when you are with a group of people going up and down these stairs, it can be a bit dizzying. So watch your step.


2. Look Up

There was so much to experience in the exhibit rooms, that each time I walked into a room I had to remind myself to look at the ceilings. From the paintings, to the chandeliers, the high rooms dazzled our sights to say the least. Some rooms were so ginormous that you had to walk the entire length of the room just to see all of the amazing architecture.


3. Stop at the Gift Shops

I was super surprised to find several gift shops while touring the castles. I found that if you wanted to take a souvenir home, you could get a small trinket for really cheap. In Rosenborg Castle, I simply got a magnet of the landscape. Try to find something you will not be able to get back home… even a postcard will do!


4. Don’t Scuff the Floors! 

Before we could enter the Royal Reception Rooms in the Parliament, we had to put bright blue plastic booties on (I felt like a surgeon getting ready to perform a life saving procedure). I am not sure if this was to keep dirt away, or to try and preserve the wood floors, but either way we looked hilarious!


5. Listen to the Guards

For some odd reason, I was extremely impressed with the army guards surrounding the Rosenborg Castle. I really liked their bright green uniforms, and how they made everyone move to the left just so they could walk by. They also marched in time with the marching music that played. They are not allowed to show any emotion, so don’t try to make them smile…although it is tempting.


Tomorrow we are leaving Copenhagen for a little while to explore new towns in Denmark. Hopefully we can see even more castles!


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