A Symbol of Power: Kronborg 

Residing in Denmarks’s coastal town of Helsingør is a castle that has remained in-tact for over 400 years: Kronborg.

Overlooking the stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden, the Øresund, Kronborg was once a strategically important site and symbolized Denmark’s Power. From the 16th to 18th centuries, over 1.8 million ships sailed through the Øresund, paying a toll to Denmark: if they failed to pay the tole, they would be shot down and sunk by Kronborg’s cannons.

Kronborg was also a political instrument. The Øresund used to be a main highway for trading between nations: because Denmark controlled those waters, they could also control, create, and break trading and alliances between nations.

Kronborg’s most unique trait is that it served as the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Hamlet; earning the simple nickname of “Hamlet’s Castle.”

Having visited Kronborg today, I was amazed by its beauty and architectural mastery, and even moreso by it’s costal location. Lush, green, rolling hills surround the castle.

Encased underneath these hills is a intricate system of tunnels marked by doors lying within the hillside: these characteristics only add to Kronborg’s ethereal, picturesque, fantasy-type appearance.

The icy blue-grey waters of the North Sea lap at Kronborg’s limestone barrier walls while it’s frigid winds roll across the hills, carrying the smell of saltwater through the air.

Kronborg has an extensive history and looks like a castle straight out of any fantasy movie. It’s picturesque landscape and regal appearance entice people to visit it, filling them with awe just as it has done for all of its visitors since the 16th century. I have personally felt these impacts: out of all the castles I have visited while in Denmark, Kronborg remains to be my absolute favorite (and currently my favorite from my entire study abroad trip).

When in Denmark, take the time to visit Kronborg Castle. You will become engulfed in hills blanketed with plush grass and feel the steady winds of the North Sea. It’s majesty will leave you entranced and its beauty will leave you searching for words to describe it.

Until next time,



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