Birthday Blush & Little Italy

Meet Natalia. This woman made my 21st first feel extra special.  She was kind and gave me a free makeover for my birthday . She completed the service called a “full face.” She applied concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick, mascara, and a little birthday blush.


I learned a lot of interesting facts about Natalia while receiving my makeover today.

1. She has lived in Denmark her entire life.

2. One thing she loves about Denmark is that everyone is open and laid back.

3. She wishes she could give people makeovers all day instead of spending most of her time selling makeup

4. She would love to move to some place where it is warmer then Denmark.

5. She love anything that involves art and being creative.

I asked Natalia is it normal for Danish people to stare. She said that it’s not normal at all. However, the reason why I received so many stares was because I was beautiful and many Danish women may be envious of how thick and curly my hair appeared. Natalia told me that some Danish men may stare for long periods of time to show interest but is shy because they fear of being rejected.

After receiving a makeover, I decided to eat at an Italian restaurant. The pasta was amazing. There was the perfect amount of cream sauce added to the noodles. Sometimes I become very agitated if there is not enough pasta sauce and the noodles are too dry. The green peas were seasoned with a slight sweet aftertaste. Then the ham was fresh and savory,  cut in the perfect size pieces to compliment my meal.  The ham was very similar  to mini slices of bacon. The mushrooms weren’t too salty or oily and complimented the pasta well.


Most of the cars in Europe are luxurious but since it was my 21st birthday I felt bossy to be riding in a Mercedes Benz taxi.


As the night begin to unwind, I completed some homework assignments. Then I went down to the bar in the hotel to wrap up my night. A man from India that owns a logistics company overheard that it was my birthday and paid for my wine. I also tried blueberry beer for the first time. It was amazing. The beer tasted fruity with a sweet aftertaste.

Before going to bed, I continued to send many thank you messages to my friends and family back at home. I really enjoyed my birthday and I’m excited for the cruise to Norway tomorrow.


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