Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

I’m one of those girls that dreams of being a princess trapped away waiting for her prince to come save her.

When he comes to rescue me, he falls in love with how beautiful I am.

He invites me to his royal ball and I come but I have to be home before midnight. As  I race down the staircase  when the clock strikes 12, I leave my glass slipper behind.

He sends his finest men to come look after me, delicately holding my glass slipper as a souvenir.


He finds me and marries me . Then  I am  royalty living my happily ever after in my castle.

The happily ever after is the best part because it is luxurious. I would be drowned in jewels and pearls from head to toe. When I pass, my jewelry will be held on display for millions of people to admire. There will be lights dimmed but enough for my jewelry to shine enough to make one blind. My food and drinks would be placed within the most sophisticated china.

Some days I can relax while browsing through the 10,000 books in my library.


When there is celebrations such as New Years. I can have massive dinners in one of my colorful rooms.  Of course my guest will also dine on the finest china while devouring the most delicious food they ever had in their life. When I  sit on my throne, I will feel extra specials as my guests give me their best wishes for the upcoming year.

Even though I have accepted that my prince may be coming soon or never at all. Rosenborg and Christainsborg Castle gave me a glimpse of what my lifestyle as a queen would be. I look forward to what my birthday would be like in Denmark!






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