It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts…NOT

Standing outside Kronborg Castle this afternoon, the brutal wind howled through my ears. As the cold sea air forcing me down into my knitted scarf, I realized when I focused on the photos I was taking, the icy wind seemed less fierce.

We recently learned photographic techniques and we were anxious to apply them to our new subject (no royal pun intended). There were a multitude of frames and perspectives to capture on our way to enter the castle. Using our newly acquired photography skills, we were taking pictures like the Annie Leibovitz of the Danish world. As we made our way around the inspirational castle for Shakespeare’s Hamlet, we saw artfully made and placed hands grabbing at the bridge we crossed, tree-lined walkways, and arched frames of the castle.

In our eyes, every picture was for a coffee table book just waiting to be published. We were going to capture a world famous photo that could be made into t-shirts and refrigerator magnets, photos of the majestic castle and its grounds.

We continued our walk. When we saw the advertisements, we began to revel in the possibility of an underground passageways tour under the castle. We marched forward, full of gusto, looking for the entrance to begin our adventure.

As our bodies began to give way to the frosty elements, we noticed less and less, but became painfully aware that the entrance was not in our sights. Had we missed it? No way. Stopping in a coffee shop to warm up, the intoxicating bouquet of coffee and pastries hung in the air. No time for a toasty cup or sweet treat. We thought the entrance would be just around the corner, but the scenery gradually became familiar. We were back to where we started our endeavor.

In our high spirits upon entering the castle grounds, we missed the entrance. Making our way from the arrow pointing to the entrance, looking in each closed building, feeling more nervous with each pass, we finally flagged down a hurried castle employee. The castle was closed to allow a motion picture crew to film for the day, so we were unable to visit the inside of the castle. We will never know if the beauty is on the inside of this castle, but we thoroughly enjoyed what the outside had to offer.

This is our last full day in Copenhagen, we leave for Norway on a cruise ship tomorrow afternoon. See you at sea!


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