Multicultural Metropolis

Today’s journey was supposed to be a train ride to Malmo, Sweden where the population is made up of more than 50 nationalities. But of course, not everything goes according to plan, so instead of taking a trip to Malmo, I ventured out with the interior design group to check out the homeland of IKEA (because who doesn’t love IKEA?).

(By the way, this is what IKEA stands for.)

Now, you may or may not know, but IKEA is founded in Sweden. So of course, the inner interior design geek in me was excited to see the IKEA museum and to learn more about the history of this grand company. Considering I didn’t know much, I was eager to learn about how this company grew to become so well-known world wide.

Our trip to IKEA began with a long, but successful train ride to Almhult, Sweden where IKEA was originally founded. I honestly don’t remember much of the view from the train because I was asleep for most of the two hour ride, but I do remember my ears popping from going through the underwater tunnel.

After a sleepy two hours, we finally arrived to IKEA land! Sadly, Almhult was covered in a thin layer of snow and the weather was icy cold, but we made our way to the IKEA museum. As I walked through the doors, it instantly reminded me of the IKEA back in Chicago. But the difference was that this one wasn’t endless, and each floor contained information about the history.

We were fortunate enough to have a wonderful tour guide who was Canadian. She moved to Sweden where she met her husband and she has been enjoying Sweden for 8 years now. Although, she did mention, “the winter weather can be hard sometimes, but it’s still enjoyable.” Most people who ask where we are from know that we love cheese in Wisconsin, but our tour guide took a different approach. “So I hear you like the Vikings,” she said with a big warm laugh as most of the group said no. “I’m only joking. Here in Sweden, football (soccer to us Americans) is the main sport where Sweden and Norway don’t get along, but once beer is involved, everything works out.” With that, we began our tour.


(Swedish meatballs for lunch)        (IKEA product materials)

After our tour of fascinating information about IKEA, we caught the train heading back to Copenhagen, Denmark and called it a day. Farewell Denmark, for tomorrow we board a cruise ship and sail to Oslo, Norway.


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  1. chcarlberg says:

    What a cool blogg you have. Its really fun to read! Love what you wrote about your visit to us at the IKEA Museum.
    Just a little fact update so its correct for you. IKEA has 50 nationalities living and working in Älmhult.
    And i have only been in sweden for 8 years. I hope in 21 years to be back in the mountains in canada or beside the beach drinking a daquri😉 Fun seeing some of you at the Wasa Museum in Stockholm on Saturday!


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