Queens, Kings and Royal Things

Today I learned the significance of the Danish royal family and toured two of their nine castles, Rosenborg and Christiansborg, which are both in Copenhagen. What started off as a cold and rainy morning ended up turning into the best day I’ve had on the trip so far. Just learning about the royal family’s illustrious history alone was extremely interesting.

IMG_0035According to the museum information at Rosenborg Palace, it was built in 1606 by Christian IV as a summer home for him and his family. This particaular palace was only used as residency until 1710 after the reign of King Frederik IV. Rosenborg is now a museum that holds the Crown Jewels, pictured in the feature image as well as below.
Among the other thousand various artifacts from the royal family during the renaissance period was a bloody outfit, worn by King Christian IV himself during the battle when his eye was shot out. (Here is a link for more on that story!) The clothing, so old and intricately detailed, has been so pristinely preserved I was amazed. Besides seeing the Crown Jewels themselves, and all the mesmerizing details and artwork of the castle, the bloody outfit may have been my favorite part of Rosenborg. I certainly did enjoy reading all about how important and regal the oldest monarchy in the world is.


The second castle we went to was Christiansborg which is where parliament is held, as well as the office of the Prime Minister, and all of the royal parties, dinners, and other various events. Christiansborg is probably the most beautiful building I will ever step foot into in my life. I was amazed at how magnificent a palace could be, specifically after seeing such an old castle like Rosenborg. Christiansborg has so many gorgeous rooms in it, all with different purposes for different functions and events that the queen has to put on. There is the Queen’s Library which was my personal favorite, a formal dining room for state dinners, a ball room, a small ball room, and about eight more rooms of various size and decor, there is even a room for the famous Flora Danica.

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After touring the inside of Christiansborg castle I went up to the Tarnet! The tower at Christiansborg has such an incredible scope of the whole city of Copenhagen. Even in the rainy grey fog the view was awesome. It’s so high up, I would think on a clear day you can see almost all the way to the coast line of Sweden. The beauty and worth of Christiansborg further demonstrated the significance of the Danish royal family, and Queen Margethe II herself. I pictured myself standing in a spot the Queen herself prefers to stand to look at her scenic kingdom. I have never been so amazed at the beauty of such a building, from the view of the tarnet, to the colors in the paintings,  the intricate details in every aspect of the palace, and the sheer elegance the walls ooze.

Eastern view from the Tarnet

I am so excited to be seeing another castle tomorrow, I will talk to you then from Helsingor!


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