Afloat in a Boat: Cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo

On board the sea vessel, Crown Seaways, we were carried from Copenhagen to the land of the midnight sun, Norway (just a regular sun for us, though). I knew this cruise was scheduled when I signed up months ago, but it wasn’t until I saw the ship looming ahead of me that the realization of being out in the middle of the North Sea started my stomach churning. I had never been on a cruise ship before and had no idea what to expect.

This is not the ferry I imagined. (Gulp!)

With Dramamine coursing through my system, I moved forward. How could I not? As cruise ships go, this is not a large ship, but, “Is that a good or bad thing?” I wondered. Turns out, this was a very good thing. I’ve always loved the water and a smaller ship allows for great picture taking. Being off season also worked to our advantage, as we all received sea view rooms, upgraded from our middle cabins, not that we spent a lot of time in our rooms.

The first place we went was up to the top of the ship for a send off from Copenhagen. It was windy, but we found a little alcove, blowing just enough warm air to keep the cold, sea breeze from chilling us too much. It was the perfect spot to say a farewell to Copenhagen.


I can definitely tell the last days of non-stop action have caught up to me, so it was nice to relax and wander the ship. First thing, in the duty-free shop, I found the Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria perfume I’ve been looking for since Christmas. The rest of the leisurely night was spent roaming the ship, visiting with the other students, and taking a small break from blogging.

My bunk was on the right, but it didn’t look like this at night.

At bedtime, I was in the top bunk. With a sea view room, I never imagined being able to see anything at night, but I could make out the sky (too bad it was cloudy) and the wake of the ship. Because I was in the top bunk, it felt like I might fall out into the great blackness of the water, but after a few minutes, I was able to get used to it. Morning arrived very early, especially since I wanted to catch that Norway sunrise.

Through the fjords, the sun began to emerge as a golden orange glow, slowing giving way to the bright sunshine.

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As we approached Oslo, more homes began to appear; first, as little seaside cottages, then sparsely scattered, rural homesteads, finally the city of Oslo materialized.


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My first experience with a cruise was something I’ll always remember, but I don’t think I’m ready for the huge ships. Can’t wait to share our Oslo adventure, we have museums and an opera house tour booked. See you at the museum!


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