Because I’m an Interior Design Geek

By now, most of you will know that I am an interior design major. For those who don’t, now you know. I am very passionate about things that are design related, and because of this, I tend to “geek out” about them. This trip has been extremely design related and I absolutely love it. The architecture, interiors, and furniture of all the buildings here are so different from most of the United States. Even within each country the designs are different as well.

We have arrived to Oslo, Norway for about a day and a half and I can see that the architecture from Denmark differs from Norway even though they are both part of Scandinavia. The buildings here are still historical and old mixed in with the modern style, but there aren’t as many colorful buildings. I find myself looking for the bright red, orange, and yellow buildings mixed in with some pastel colors. To my disappointment, I don’t find as many as I did in Copenhagen.

I have noticed that here in Oslo, there are more modern buildings with unique and intricate details. Organic shapes made of metals and steel, mixed with wood materials and glass are more commonly seen here versus in Copenhagen. I have also noticed that Oslo has a lot (and I mean a lot) of random statues that can be seen in various locations throughout the city. I’m not sure why there are a lot of statues, but I find it rather strange. Statues are literally everywhere and sometimes in the most bizarre places too.

As for the environment, I have noticed that there is less of a night life here. It’s much quieter during the night, unlike Copenhagen where people are still out and about past midnight. There also isn’t much for biking here either. It seems that most people walk, take a bus or trolley, or drive places and because of this, there aren’t biking lanes (which is great because you won’t have to worry about being hit by a cyclist). There are fewer bikes in the streets or chained by buildings because buses and trolley systems are more commonly used. For me, Oslo seems more reserved and less social compared to Copenhagen.

There are still a list full of wonderful places to visit and large shopping areas. Even though the food is slightly different with various pickled items, it’s still delicious. We stopped in a local restaurant for a Norwegian burger meat. (Fun fact: the basement is haunted and used to be a jail cell. A group of 12 can dine in the basement if reserved in advanced.)

A Norwegian burger meat with roasted potatoes, beets and cooked spinach in a local restaurant that used to be a haunted jail.

Sadly, our trip here in Oslo, Norway was a short one. Tomorrow we venture to our last stop, Stockholm, Sweden.


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