City, Statues, or Trolls: Journey Through Scandinavia 

This trip to Scandinavia has been an amazing experience and each country that we visit has been a different experience with its own unique environment. From spending at least two days in each country, I can say that each country, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden each have their own strong characteristic that makes them different from the other. From city life, to statue galore, to trolls under the bridge, I’ll give you a little insight on each country.
Copenhagen, Denmark: 

Starting from our first stop in Copenhagen, Denmark, there definitely was a city life. Whether at night or during the day, the streets were always busy. Taxi cabs cruising through the streets, cyclists speeding by, or massive groups of people fighting past each other down the sidewalks, day or night, the city is always busy. Maybe it’s because Copenhagen is smaller than Oslo and Stockholm, but regardless of the time, I always found the city life more lively.

It’s not necessarily the people that make it any better or worse, but the city life definitely feels busier than the other cities. The architecture was also more historical. There were a lot more castles and historical buildings and museums to visit along with more colorful buildings. I could go down the street and see five different colored buildings next to each other, but also mixed in with some modern buildings. If you’re more of a city life person, Copenhagen is the place to be.

Oslo, Norway: 

Our next stop was Oslo, Norway. I highly recommend taking the large cruise ship (even though it was 17 hours long) because it was definitely entertaining. But that’s a personal decision. In Oslo, I found that there were a lot of statues and beautiful scenery (descriptions are not enough to describe the views). Entering Oslo on boat was breathtaking and really showed the transition from calm scenic views speckled with bold colored homes to an occupied city full of buildings.

Oslo stood out to me as a peaceful place with statues galore, and such unique and modern buildings. There were so many beautiful views no matter which way you looked, but the statues threw me off sometimes. I would say that the materials used to create the exterior and interior of buildings were phenomenal and not something you normally see in America. Not to mention that Scandinavia is all about sustainability, which isn’t as common back home either.

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Another thing about Oslo, was that it was less busy compared to Copenhagen. The streets were less busy and more calm. There was just a peacefulness that made me feel at ease in a place miles away from home.

Stockholm, Sweden: 

Here in Sweden, I’d say its a good blend of the two cities. There’s a bit of business from the city, but there’s also a bit of calmness with the beautiful scenic views. When it comes to the architecture, there’s even a blend of both modern and historical. There are so many styles that range from the historical design features (especially the rooftops) to the simple line structure of modern styles. The building colors are even similar to Copenhagen with the vibrant colors along the waterfront.

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The biggest difference is that in Stockholm, the history of the country is more noticeably seen. There are a lot of museums and places to visit that give you a historic experience and lets you understand Sweden’s history more than the other two cities. Because Sweden is made up of 14 different islands, there are also a lot of bridges (and troll shops based on mythical folklore). The troll shops can be seen in both Sweden and Norway.

Selfie by the water because why not?

Even though these three cities are within three different countries of Scandinavia, they’re all different from one another. If I were to pick a favorite city among the three, I wouldn’t be able to decide. I’m torn between each city, and love the unique characteristics of each.

If you had the chance to visit these three cities in Scandinavia, which would you visit and why? Comment below with your answers!


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