Farvel Denmark, Hallo Norway!

I’ve had a lot of fun in Copenhagen, but I am itching to see a new country. The things that I will miss most in Denmark is the vibrant colors of  the banana yellows, tomato reds, and ocean blues meshed together as you stroll down the city streets. The food here is so delicious. Almost every food ingredient is organic, and the flavors taste very simple yet dynamic at the same time. I hope to come back here someday

These are the open-faced sandwiches famous in Denmark!

Today was sadly our last day here in Denmark. We woke up bright and early to watch the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace. It was another frigidly cold day outside, but the air was very crisp and clean as I took in the breathtaking view of the palace grounds. The guards had these humongous furry black hats, which looked so comforting and most importantly, warm.


We anxiously boarded the cruise ship DFDS Seaways around 5pm. We resided on the 6th floor, and a fragrant aroma of chlorine from the pool filled the air. The room was teeny-tiny probably the size of a walk in closet, but everyone was so excited, as it was our first time on a cruise ship. We then immediately went to the top deck to look at the view, and watch as the boat left the dock to travel the North Sea.

This ship was amazing! It had some shopping stores, an arcade room, several bars, restaurants and nightclubs. I got a “San Francisco” drink at the bar, and it tasted like a tropical paradise with the orange juice and grenadine.


We then had a group dinner, complete with a humongous buffet. I watched painfully as the other students got to try new kinds of succulent seafood like crayfish. I am allergic to shellfish, but I did get to try caviar which was fun, and surprisingly did not taste like fish. I tried the smoked herring and let me tell you, it was god awful like the taste of rotten feet! I am not a fan of that smelly, fishy taste, so I stuck with red meat and salad. My favorite was the roasted root vegetables, which were so savory and had hints of fresh herbs.

Later, we checked out the shops, arcade games, and went to the Sky Bar Nightclub. The music was extremely loud, and it was really nice to have a night without homework (only because the wifi did not work).

The most exhilarating part that I have been waiting for was seeing the fjords of Norway. We flooded outside around 6:30am, but ended up waking up too early because when we got out there, the land was still flat. After a tasty breakfast buffet, we went out to check again, and again, and again.The fjords finally came but they were not as big and tall as I expected. I think we would have to travel farther North for the huge ones. The wind was so loud and brutal on the ship that I actually got windburn on my neck!


The view in Oslo towards the very end of our voyage was absolutely spectacular. I cannot imagine living in such a beautiful country, with the dark blue ocean and fresh sea air right in my backyard. I cannot wait to see what Norway has in store, and what new sights we will see.






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