Fleeting Glimpses of Norway

At around 6 AM today, my group and I checked out of our hotel in Norway. Feeling the exhaustion associated with packed days, homework, and constant traveling, it was easy to see the tired expressions plastered on each of our faces. Groggy, we shuffled through the train station, making our way to the train that would transport us to the next segment of our journey: Stockholm.

Moving at a fast 120 mph, the high-speed train weaved its way out of the city, past concrete skyscrapers and brick walls, into the countryside of Oslo.

Between the three countries I have visited over the duration of my trip, Oslo is by far my favorite. With such unique beauty, Oslo combines the historic with the modern, the artistic with the practical, the bustling with the quiet, and the city with the nature.

Departing from Oslo, I felt a sense of heaviness in my heart. Looking out the train window, I watched the figures of the country side fly by. Trees dotting the landscape and fences, twisting and turning like road maps, raced just beyond the glass barrier.

Moving farther and father from the city, I knew that I would always miss Oslo, the city that welcomed me with warmth and charisma.
Oslo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Until next time,



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