Priceless Memories in Oslo 

Although my time in Oslo has been short, packed within it I have experienced some of my favorite moments from my entire study abroad trip: my two wonderful days in Oslo truly went by too fast.

Sailing on my first cruise ship, I tried crayfish for the first time and ate some of the freshest seafood I have ever had for dinner. I danced with my friends late into the night on our ship’s nightclub and then woke up at the crack of dawn to watch a beautiful sunrise in the fjords that left me awestruck.

While in Oslo, I shared a room with two wonderful friends in an incredibly unique hotel. Our trendy room had exposed brick , a massive bathtub, and giant windows that overlooked the city and Oslo’s harbor.

At night, we slept with the curtains open, looking at a city of lights dancing outside our window.

Our hotel was connected to Oslo’s central train station which was filled with unique restaurants like Yo! Sushi that served sushi on a conveyor belt. It was delicious!


Walking miles across through the city streets, my group and I visited the Nobel Peace Center, The Astrup Fearnly Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design, and got a back-stage tour of the Oslo Opera house.

(Left: The Astrup Fearnly Museum of Modern Art. Right: Oslo Opera House.)

Admiring the architecture and enjoying the quiet, laid-back, intimate city atmosphere, my friends and I shopped, ate, and created memories along the snow-dusted streets of Oslo that I will cherish forever.

Catching many trains and busses, I visited Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum. We saw Viking long boats, skeletons found on the boats, and relics from past Viking civilizations.

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In the Maritime Museum we walked inside Norway’s oldest boat, Stokkebåten, which was refurbished and put on display.

IMG_0308(Norway’s oldest boat Stokkebåten: it was so big, I couldn’t fit the whole thing in the camera frame!)

Also, there was a fun maze that you could walk through that replicated being trapped in an ice cave. To enter the maze, you had to sit in a waiting room and wait for the door to slide open. When it opened, a blast of ice-cold air filled the room: it was like walking into a freezer. The maze was accompanied by eerie music, flashing lights, and fake bodies covered in frost-bite: the entire time, my group and I thought that something was going to jump out as us like a haunted house!

IMG_0309(A section of the ice maze. I was thoroughly disappointed nothing jumped out and scared me.)

As my time in Oslo drew to a close, my friend Carly and I spent our last night in Oslo walking on the roof of the Opera house. Past the bright city lights and high-rise buildings we saw the small lights of homes  flickering in the mountains off in the distance. Looking out into the harbor, dark and void of light, we saw the occasional lighthouse blink off in the distance, and the tips of the mountainous Fjords peaking through the fog. The 360 degree view of the night-time skyline I gazed at from the top of the opera house was one I will never forget.

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As I leave Oslo, I am filled with fond memories that I will cherish for the remainder of my life. I will never forget my time spent in this beautiful city with my friends, learning, growing, and experiencing the world. With a hard goodbye, I say farewell to Norway. Thank you Oslo: you have treated me so well.


If you were to spend two days in Oslo, Norway, what is something that would be on your “must do” list? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time,



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