Velkommen til Oslo

Velkommen til Oslo! Which translates directly to, Welcome to Oslo!

As I write this, I have officially been in Oslo, Norway for 14 hours and I will admit, I love Oslo so much more than Copenhagen. The Norwegians are so nice and the city is cleaner, quieter, and I have a pretty great view of the North Sea from my hotel window. Not to mention, Norwegian men are very handsome and sure can dress themselves!

This morning I started my day at 6:30 am as I woke up bright and early to watch the sunrise as we started our way through the Norwegian fjords aboard the Crown Seaways! Unfortunately the sky was much too cloudy to see a beautiful sunrise, but I did get to watch the Norwegian landscape move and change as we entered the fjords and saw more and more islands. It was freezing watching the views from the top deck of the cruise ship so early in the morning, but so beautiful and the pictures I got from it were definitely worth it. IMG_0070.JPG

After we docked in Oslo, Norway, we set off for our hotel, which we were pleasantly surprised to find it is attached directly to the amazing Grand Central train station with over 20 shops and restaurants to keep us occupied. After checking into our hotel and relaxing for an hour, we took off around the city on foot. When the sun is shining Oslo has great weather and a wonderful salty sea breeze. What we learned the hard way, is that when the sun hides behind the clouds and the breeze picks up, Oslo can be bitter cold. After walking around the city and touring both the Nobel Peace Prize Center and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art my feet were sore but of course, I went to the shopping district and did a few hours of window shopping.

As I am writing this now a wonderful snowfall has started and Oslo looks even more breathtaking when it’s snowing. I am so excited to be here and to experience the true Viking culture. Tomorrow I know some of us are planning on going to a Viking museum, and I am very interested in the authentic Norwegian restaurant a block away from our hotel that has “Reindeer Meat,” advertised on it’s sign as well as “Whale Steaks” and “Norwegian Beer” in really big lettering.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my second day of adventures in Oslo!!


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