5 Places You Must Visit in Oslo

Norway seems to be my favorite country so far, but we had to see everything in 2 short days. This post is the perfect read for anyone staying in Oslo for a short amount of time. I think there are certain things you must do in order to experience this gorgeous city…so here are 5 things you absolutely need to visit!

1. The National Museum

I am not really an artsy person by any means, but The National Museum of Art in Oslo is absolutely fantastic! I could not believe that they had the original of “The Scream” painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The art displayed here conveys many different artistic styles, and the colors are so rich and vibrant. You can even draw on the chalkboard on your way out!

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2. The Viking Museum

Okay, everyone says that this is the ONE attraction that all Norway travelers have to see….but they would be right. The Viking Museum features three humongous Viking ships, that fill the giant halls. You literally have to climb two stories of steps just to look into the ships- they are that enormous! They also had really cool displays of Viking bones that were found inside the ship, along with other interesting artifacts. I will also say that they have a pretty awesome gift shop for souvenirs on your way out.


3. The Fram Museum

Right across from the Viking Museum is a similar exhibit of the polar ship Fram. This place was so neat because you could go everywhere on the ship. It had several lower decks that were pretty spacious, and artifacts from the time that it sailed. The ship was huge and there was reflections of the northern lights on display around the boat. The Fram was used in expeditions of the Arctic and Antarctic regions by Norwegians. The best part was a mummy display that you can enter. It has scary music, is ice cold inside, and has fake corpses that died from frost-bite. It was so cool!


4. The Opera House

I really did not love the opera that we went to in Denmark, so I had low hopes for the Opera House in Oslo. It turned out to be very fascinating when it came to the buildings architecture and design. We just toured the building, but we got to see the amazingly detailed costumes, backstage, the new auditorium, and even got to watch a little part of rehearsal on stage. The railing was actually modeled after the shoreline in Norway. By the end of the tour I really wanted to watch a show… I’ll have to come back here one day. You can also walk up to the roof of the Opera House and take in the amazing view.


5. Nilsen Spiseri

I really wanted to try some authentic food from Norway since we were only here for 2 short days. Sheila, Emily and I went to dinner at a Norwegian Pubhouse, and we all ordered interesting dishes. I had a traditional meat cake, with creamy boiled potatoes, and mixed vegetables. It had a onion gravy that had a strange sweetness to it. Overall, I did like it, and was glad that I tried something different and new. We also split a waffle with brown cheese. The waffle was so soft and delicious and the cheese tasted just like caramel with hints of cheddar for an aftertaste. The restaurant is centrally located right next to the train station too! They offer other traditional foods like reindeer stew, and whale steak as well. I highly recommend it!


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