Cruising My Way to Oslo, Norway


During this trip, I have definitely tried a lot of new things that I haven’t before. From getting my first passport to flying out of the country, I can now say that I have also been on a cruise ship for the first time. As I bid Copenhagen, Denmark farewell, my next destination is Oslo, Norway, and what better way than to travel by boat! Not to mention that this cruise boat has neat features such as: several bars and restaurants, night clubs, a “bubble zone,” which has two small circular pools and a hot tub, an arcade room, and two main stores. Traveling from Copenhagen to Oslo by boat took about 17 hours, so of course with so much to do on the boat, who would want to sleep? (Of course, I still needed some sleep. About four hours to be exact.) 

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect for this cruise ship. I had imaged a smaller boat and me ending up sea sick. When we left the hotel, all I could think about was how terrible this cruise experience would be. Thinking about it began to make my stomach twist and turn. I honestly thought I would be sick before boarding the boat. But to my surprise, as the bus pulled into the parking lot of where we would board the cruise ship, I was shocked to see how large the boat was. It was ten times bigger than I had imaged and knowing that made my sick stomach disappear slowly. 

As I stepped off the bus and grabbed my luggage, I could feel the fresh crisp air that gently blew across my face. There wasn’t any particular fishy smell being by the water, and I was thankful for that. Everyone quickly lugged their things towards the building, ready to board the cruise ship for the next 17 hours. Getting our tickets and going through security went smoothly and by the time I knew it, I was boarding the boat. 

Never in my life did I image what it would be like to board a massive cruise ship. As soon as I boarded, I was mesmerized by the interiors. Gold shining railings and trimmings, white sparkling floors, white walls, and rich navy blue carpet were just some of the things I saw. As I traveled down a hall to find my room, I noticed a musky and stinky smell, similar to an unclean public bathroom. It wasn’t too strong, but it was still a bit unbearable. I also noticed that with the navy blue carpeting throughout the boat, the doors were a bright Barbie pink color. (I thought it was rather odd.) 

Beside the smell and the strange color options, my roommates and I found our room and eagerly opened the door to reveal what would be our new home for the next 17 hours. Sadly, to our surprise, the room was much smaller than what we had expected. The navy blue carpet followed from the hall into the room, and the bathroom sink and toilet was a muted pink (who ever designed this boat definitely kept in mind the color pallet in every room, that’s for sure.) There were three beds mounted on the walls, a small couch that could be converted to make a bed as well and a TV mounted in the middle of the wall. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed, but we ended up changing rooms with a window view instead of having a TV. 

As I explored the boat and found my way to the top, the boat was less rocky than I thought. I could barely tell that the boat was even moving. The wind picked up the higher I went, bitter cold gusts stinging my face, but the view was worth it. At the top of the boat, the view was breathtaking and the water was calm. I could see the city buildings on one side, and on the other, the deep blue ocean that stretched for miles. The boat gently rocked and cruised away. The city of Copenhagen began to shrink until all that was left was miles of water, rippling behind the cruise ship. 

The sun set, leaving firey reds, bright oranges, and lemon yellow colors behind as the night sky fell. Soon enough, the boat was surrounded by darkness and the splashing sounds of the waves. 

Copenhagen had greeted well with welcoming arms and an adventurous time, but there was a bittersweet goodbye as I cruised into the night, on my way to Oslo, Norway. 


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