History of Architecture 

Today was filled with walks to various museums starting with a visit to the Vasa Museum, followed by a delicious lunch, a unique trip to the Skansen outdoor museum, and ended with a visit to the Modern Art Museum that is in the same complex as the Swedish Center for Architecture and Design which is located on the island of Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Vasa Museum had a cool feeling to it and I was amazed at the size of the ship. Sadly, the ship set for sail for about 20 minutes on the water before sinking. It’s said that the ship was top heavy, and the bottom was not heavy enough. The museum had information of all sorts about details to the boat, to the process of how they preserved the boat, to even some of the people that died on the boat as well. I have to say, I was a bit freaked out by the skeletons that were on display, but it was interesting to hear the details they could describe each person based on their skeletal remains.

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Most of these museums were within walking distance of each other, so I was able to check out a lot of museums before they closed. Luckily, Skansen, an outdoor museum, was just around the corner from the Vasa museum so I didn’t have to walk too far nor sprint to get there (because I have been doing nothing but walking excessively fast to get everywhere).

The Skansen outdoor museum was interesting and really showed the history of Sweden. It was a unique experience to see the historical homes and how shops and merchants were from the past in Sweden history. It was a beautiful day with the sun high in the air, warm on my face as I explored the Skansen museum. Not to mention the breath taking views that I wouldn’t even know how to describe, for it was an incredible moment in life.

The buildings were a bold burnt red with white trimming, mixed with houses that were completely made up of logs. Because this place is historical, building codes were definitely not up to normal standards. The stair cases were very steep and the door ways and ceilings were rather low. But regardless of those facts, I felt like I was back in history, and this experience was unforgettable. Even though I had to hike up a few steep hills, the views and experience at the Skansen Museum was worth it.

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After exploring through Skansen, a group of interior design girls and I decided to check out some architectural museums. Unfortunately, the Modern Art Museum and the Architectural museum we wanted to see was across the water. We attempted to find a ferry to take us across, but we didn’t find any running ferries. So we literally sped walked all the way to our destination. I don’t know how I managed to keep up, but I definitely felt the pain in my legs later.

The exhausting walk to the Modern Art Museum and the Architectural Museum was definitely worth it. The art museum had very unique art pieces, but the Sweden Center of Architecture and Design was definitely interesting for me (of course for obvious reasons).

Stop by again tomorrow and see the new adventures I have in store for the day!


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