I Have A Dream: Peace in Oslo

I have always dreamed of becoming doctor. Before attending college, I made it my goal to serve others through medicine. Now in a year I will be graduating college to apply to global environmental health programs to obtain my Masters in Public Health before applying to medical school. I hope to connect the United States and other countries through medicine that will help strengthen relationships and maintain peace worldwide. I’ve noticed while volunteering for organizations such as the American Red Cross the positive impact you leave on someone else’s life by simply helping them.


High School Senior Picture: In this photo I am posing as a doctor and a student


I’m in Oslo, Norway, and  the Noble Peace Center was one of our first stops. I’m embarrassed to say that I was unaware that  Noble Peace awarding is in Norway. The exhibits were amazing. We were able to see what fighting for peace was like and how  individuals are nominated for the Noble Peace Award. My favorite part of the museum was the room filled with multiple lights and screens of the different Noble Peace Award winners.


Seeing  Martin Luther King’s photo for one of the  Noble Peace Award winners lit my heart. My favorite quote of MLK is “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” He is one of the main reasons of why segregation no longer exists. If things were the way they use to be, I would not have been able to be apart of this experience abroad. I know what it feels like to be oppressed, wishing and hoping for peace so everyone can be their greatest and not be killed because they are different. I’m grateful to have individuals like MLK that fight for others to live.



I look forward to more adventures in Oslo to enhance my knowledge on what I don’t know.



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