Stockholm: Island Hopping and High Tea

As I was standing in the cutest little tea shop I’ve ever seen in Old Town Stockholm, I was debating if I should buy one of every kind or be realistic and just get a few. The Tea Centre of Stockholm has one tea in particular that they are very well known for called Soderblandning, which is a fruity and floral black tea blend. It smelled like heaven and the cashier informed me it is their most famous tea and that people come from all over the world just to buy Soderblandning from their adorable shop. The best part about their unbelievable tea is that they all come in the cutest little tins as pictured below! I bought three different types of tea and I’m very excited to try them! So if you’re ever in Stockholm, make sure to check out The Tea Center of Stockholm in Old Town!

Before I ended up in the tea shop we had been walking around the city checking out sights and views, on our way to the Vasa Museum. It is already our second day in Stockholm, as we arrived by airplane yesterday. The story behind the Vasa is incredible and at the same time an absolutely crazy story! Imagine the most ornate and grandly built ship commissioned by your King, that took two years to be built. When that ship was finally finished and ready to set sail towards the war in Poland there was a grand send off planned out involving a cannon salute and hundreds  of people traveling to the port to watch the Vasa set sail. After sailing about 1300 meters away from the coast, a huge gust of wind hit the side of the four story high ship, and tipped it right over and it sunk within 20 minutes. Luckily, of the 200 people on board the ship, only 30 went down with the huge ship, but this event was a black mark on Sweden’s history and a huge embarrassment on society for the Swedish people and their King.

The Vasa was recovered from the bay in 1961, 333 years after it had sunk. It was completely restored from its original state, with 98 percent of the ship that sits in the museum original. The ship is breathtaking, I have no other words to describe it. It’s four stories tall, and intricately detailed with over 700 statues carved onto the outside of the ship. My pictures of the grand ship Vasa don’t even do it justice. If you ever get the opportunity to come to Sweden, put the Vasa Museum at the very top of your to do list!

After finishing at the incredible Vasa Museum, we walked to a fancy traditional Swedish restaurant, where I obviously ordered the Swedish meatballs. The meatballs came with really yummy mashed potatoes, a cream gravy, and sweet but tarte lingonberries, and pickled cucumbers on the side. You may say, “pickled cucumbers? Don’t you just mean pickles?” No, in all the countries we’ve gone to they serve pickled cucumbers and they’re very good. They’re similar to a bread and butter pickle you can find in the states, but more of a sweet and sour style cucumber lightly pickled with still a crunch to it. My meal was really delicious and I would definitely recommend to anyone Wardshuset Ulla Windbladh! Such a dainty and ornately decorated interior, in all white and silver with crystal chandeliers and windows covering all the walls, with an even better menu!


IMG_6813From Ulla Windbladh we power walked to Old Town Stockholm to work off all the calories from our lunch and do some more sight seeing. Stockholm is made up of 14 islands and over 50 bridges connecting the islands, which makes it a really easy city to navigate around. If you get lost somehow, you can walk to the coast and follow the coast of the island to the bridge that connects the island you’re on to the next island. Which is exactly what we did while attempting to walk to Old Town. But I must say, getting lost in Stockholm makes for some really gorgeous views and perfect picture opportunities.

In my opinion, Stockholm is the best city we’ve visited. I think it combines all the best aspects of Copenhagen and Oslo into one city. Stockholm is so breathtaking, with it’s colorful buildings, endless coastlines, and perfect blend of old and new architecture.

Keep up with me tomorrow as I explore more of Stockholm’s islands!!


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