The Training of a Woman: International Women’s Day in Oslo

In a few days, it will be my mother’s birthday. I start to think about how a lot of things would not have been possible for me without her. No matter what I have went through, she stayed by my side. I know that all the love in the world wouldn’t be equivalent for my appreciation to her.


Mother .jpg
Charm Flowers Marion, my mother.



It was International Women’s day. Thousands of Women were marching through the streets of Oslo. While walking through Olso, we stopped at the National Museum. When I was viewing the different paintings of women, I begin to reflect on the importance of women.

Women who are mothers are some of the hardest working women. While raising a baby, they do all they can to protect and provide to their best capability. Some days may be longer than others. Babies will cry at different hours of the night. The mother will rock the baby close to her chest, the physical contact providing comfort.


“Mother and Child,” Christain Krohg, 1883

Growing up, the bond between a mother and daughter can be so critical. Moments of a mother just simply brushing her daughter’s hair can provide comfort and peace. When in doubt, a mother will remind her daughter of her beauty and worth. A young girl’s mother is her role model. This is the time, women show the most confidence and strength, so that their daughters can follow suit.


Braiding her Hair,” Christain Krohg, 1888


When we are teenagers, we go through puberty. For some of us this could be a hard time. Breasts begin to form and mother nature gives us a visit. We are beginning to transform into young women. Expectations will arise, and we start to learn how to conquer the world with our intelligence and the powerful words that come through our mouths. This is also a time men shows interest and will do almost anything to control . Some of us can view this interest as  weakness and use this to an advantage instead of being controlled.


Puberty” Edward Munch 1894-95

 As women, we are oppressed. It is up to us to continue the fight and show how our strength can be equivalent to men, through education and the workforce. Our mothers guide us through these journeys of life. March 8th was International Women’s Day around the world.  I plan to live up to Mount Mary’s mission. I will be a bold woman that will change the world. I will beat the odds. I will become one of the greatest. I am a woman.













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