Unforgettable Memories

As I write this post, the realities of how soon this trip ends is near. It’s officially the last day here in Stockholm, Sweden and I can now say that I have flown out of the country to see three beautiful and breathtaking countries. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have welcomed me well, and will always hold unforgettable memories.


It saddens me to know that I will be back in school, going back to work, and stressing over homework, exams and the realities of life. Even though this trip to Scandinavia was for eleven short days, each day was packed with unforeseen adventures that gave me a glimpse of what it’s like to travel. Never will I take these moments for granted.

Being able to see Scandinavia, I will miss the lifestyle and architecture. The use of sustainability is used so frequently here and in such fascinating ways. People are always walking, biking, or using public transportation to get from one place to the other. Not to mention the fresh, crisp air that just makes me feel so rejuvenated. There’s just something about that air (in a good way).

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Before coming on this trip, I was so nervous for the long flight and being away from home. I thought that the days spent in Scandinavia were going to be difficult for me to get through without family, but I have made stronger friendships with those on the trip and I am grateful for that opportunity as well as being able to take part on this trip.


Someday, if I’m able to, I’d definitely come back to see Scandinavia again. With a heavy heart, I leave Scandinavia, but I know a new chapter begins. With this experience, I hope to find myself traveling out of the country in the future.




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