The Beauty of Scandinavia

The best moments in life happen discretely and spontaneously: and best of all, cost nothing. For me, some of the best moments in my life happen through my surrounding environment. There is nothing I enjoy more than being surrounded by raw and unique beauty: vibrant sunsets, ocean waters, city skylines, dense forests, and high-vantage point views of the landscape are just a few of my favorites. While in Scandinavia, I experienced many of these moments. Costing nothing, a price could never be placed on the views I received abroad.


My First Flight

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Seeing the world from above, I saw rolling clouds, the jagged terrain of the earth, deep blue waters, and sparkling city lights.


My Time in Copenhagen:

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In unique Copenhagen I got my first taste of European architecture and saw my first castles. This historic beauty was coupled with modern and artistic elements, as well as a bustling city and quiet, rolling, coastal hills.


My Time in Oslo:

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I entered beautiful Oslo on my first-ever cruise ship ride and saw a sunset that not even the most talented artist could replicate. Walking up and down Oslo’s colorful city streets, I instantly fell in love with their intimate and warm atmosphere.


My Time in Stockholm:

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Taking my second flight into Stockholm, I first noticed the city’s deep connection to its history and classic appearance. The narrow city streets and colorful buildings of Old Town, along with massive palaces and museums in the heart of the city entranced me, almost begging for me to explore them.


My Flight Home:

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Never would I have imagined to see a view quiet like this. Looking out the plane window at this moment, I realized the world isn’t as small as we think it is. I woke up in Stockholm, flew over the icy-mountains of Greenland, and fell asleep in Milwaukee, WI: this thought still baffles me.

Pictures have the capability to freeze a moment in time; however, they will never do the true beauty of the moment its full justice. A memory, ingrained within our very souls, is so much more intimate than a photograph. Luckily, within our lives we are able to cherish and hold onto both.

Until next time,



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