Illustrating a World


Coming to Scandinavia, I have noticed that art is displayed in many forms throughout the cities. Whether through the forms of artwork or sculptures, to building designs and furniture, Scandinavia has much to offer. 

In each country, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, I have noticed that there is a similar simplicity when it comes to furniture and interior design for most places, but the exterior building design and artwork are generally very detailed and intricate. Even though the three countries are similar in some ways, the artwork is still so different. 

(From left to right: Graffiti in Oslo and the last one is graffiti in Copenhagen) 

Of course graffiti varies with so many styles, but in Copenhagen, there are less details with the written words. It’s more of a collage of words layered over each other, while in Oslo, the individual words stand out because there is more going on in the background. Each graffiti piece has its own space and seemed much larger in size compared to the graffiti in Copenhagen. 

The interiors of some spaces had some very unique and interesting features especially when it comes to the ceiling. I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful ceilings as these and as an interior designer, I admire the unique designs. 

When it comes to the furniture, I find the designs to be very simple and functional but still a distinct Scandinavian style. 


Art is illustrated in so many ways, and in Scandinavia there are many art forms that can be seen throughout the cities. Even the photos I have taken of the cities is a beautiful artwork within itself. These are just some of the photos I have taken. 


Some of the most breathtaking views I have seen are indescribable and I was unable to take decent photos of them, but you’ll just have to take a visit to these cities to experience them yourselves. Tune in tomorrow to see what I’m up to. 


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