Stockholm Photo Ops

IMG_0020We have been running at full tilt since the beginning of our Scandinavian adventure, so upon our arrival in Stockholm, we spent a casual afternoon and evening without an agenda. After two buses and one train, Marina and I visited the ABBA museum. The museum is interactive these “Dancing Queens” sang their way from “Fernando” to “Waterloo.” Out front, we even posed with the band.

Our first full day in Stockholm, we had a jam-packed day planned. Stockholm is known as the “Venice of the North,” as it is made up of many islands where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. We headed towards the waterfront to make our way to the museums. The morning air was brisk and the sunlight was blindingly brilliant. Stockholm showed her best side for the camera this morning.

Thinking the city couldn’t be more exquisite, we were wrong. As we turned each bend and crossed more bridges, the water became a dazzling mirror for the stunning architecture. The water twisted and churned as it flowed into a diversity of canals. While most of the water was free flowing, some ice remained on the surface with other areas ice was broken up.

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We reached the Royal Palace in time to see the changing of the guard, but I found the outside of the palace to be much more intriguing with the hypnotizing cobblestones, enormous entryways and royal lion statues.

Stockholm is famous for the Ericsson Globe. Being uncomfortable with heights, I was somewhat apprehensive, but how could I turn down the opportunity? We all have fears of some sort, but it shouldn’t stop us experiencing something new, so I went, but sat the entire time. I also didn’t look around too much.

Our day concluded with a medieval dinner of our choice; moose, chicken, and cod were on the menu. I chose the cod, served with brown butter, herbs, frumenty, and fried sprat. I had to look up the last two. Frumenty is a creamy, cracked wheat that is boiled with milk or eggs while sprat is a tiny fish, almost like an anchovy.

With a full belly and tired legs, we trudged our way back to the hotel. Happily exhausted, I slept my last night in Stockholm. See you at the airport!


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