Farvel, Ha Det, and Adjö Scandinavia

With a bittersweet good-bye to Scandinavia, I boarded the plane back to the U.S. with memories etched in my mind of good times and great places. From embracing the hygge in Copenhagen, touring the Den Norske Opera & Ballett in Oslo, to sightseeing in Stockholm, this incredible journey has inspired me to plan trips to more international destinations.

Visiting Scandinavia during the winter season has opened my mind to travel in every season. The unique beauty of each city was enhanced by the weather. The rain in Copenhagen gave the palaces a mystic feel. The flurries in Oslo made the city into a life-sized snow globe. The brilliant sun in Stockholm showcased the city for our final days.


The journey to Scandinavia was also a personal journey as well. This trip was a testament to my giving up control by placing the planning of my daily activities into other hands. Just like life, not everything can be controlled and planned. I believe I have learned a valuable lesson by becoming more flexible, accepting, and relaxed.

Before this trip, the extent of my international travel included Canada, but I’m from Wisconsin, so it doesn’t really count. This Scandinavian trip has opened the world to me and I want to experience more. Since my hubby received his first passport while I was gone, we are planning trips to Croatia and a return to Norway in the next couple of years. Some other potential destinations include Ireland, New Zealand, and Germany. I hope this blog has sparked a drive within all of you to set out on your own expeditions. Thank you for joining me as my travel companion.

See you later!


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