I Will Miss You Scandinavia

I still cannot believe that I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is so surreal that I was able to travel to Europe for the first time during my last semester here at Mount Mary. I really do not want to leave, I wish I could live here for a year or so and really take in the beautiful culture.

Things I will miss most would probably be the gorgeous architecture, the rich history, and the incredibly tasty food. I loved waking up everyday and walking by the ocean. I have also really enjoyed writing this blog, and I think now my dream job would be travel blogging full-time.


I have met many new students, and am proud to call them my friends. I will miss the bonding experience of sharing a hotel room with two other people, and really getting to know them.

My new friend Megan









Everyday of our trip was planned with exciting new activities, that I will really miss the jam-packed schedule, and getting to experience so many new things. I will also miss going to museums because they were so interesting, and I learned so much.

I will definitely miss meeting the people that live here, and those who were so generous to help us when we were lost or had questions. The Norwegians and Swedes were very kind, and actually wanted to talk to us, and ask us questions which was very cool.

I am very proud to be an American, and love my country, but I definitely want to start traveling more. I will be glad to come home because I do miss my family (most of all my dog Wilbur). I will never forget this trip of a lifetime, and will always cherish these great memories.


Until next time Europe,

Marina Maras









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