So Long, Farewell

As I said “Goodbye” to my favorite country yet, Sweden. With countless memories and  souvenirs in tow I boarded the plane I am on now, destined for a blizzarding Chicago. This has been quite the adventure.

Denmark was beautiful. With its ancient streets and looming architecture, it was the perfect starting point for our trip. The castles and history were unbelievable and I truly enjoyed the beer.

Nyhavn, Denmark

Norway was different. Oslo was definitely a more modern city, with its up and coming neighborhoods and bustling life it was a dream. The view of the North Sea everywhere we went was gorgeous, and the food was new and exciting.

Oslo, Norway

Sweden was a perfect mixture of both Norway and Denmark. Stockholm had complex modern buildings, but most of the city was old and historical in pretty colors and shapes. It’s endless coastline and numerous islands made it a dream to photograph, and the city was so clean! My favorite memories and snapshots of Sweden were at times I was lost and frustrated. But nonetheless I love every minute of it.

My most fond memory of the trip was when we got lost trying to find Old Town Stockholm, and ended up in the spot photographed below. Like I said, the best photos I have from Stockholm were when we were lost and frustrated, yet turned around and saw gorgeous views like this one here. We walked a long ways and when we finally realized where we were supposed to be going we decided it was worth getting lost to begin with because sometimes the most direct route isn’t the most enjoyable. We sat along with coast and watched the sheets of ice float on top of the sea and relaxed a bit. It wasn’t worth getting upset about being lost when it brought us to this spot. I think I took 100 some photos that day, because of all the wonderful things we did see while lost.

Old Town Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia has such history and yet still so much life. I am saddened to say goodbye to Scandinavia and Europe as a whole, but my life needs me back and I must return state side. But I will be back. If not to Scandinavia, then at least to Europe.

Farvel Danmark.

Ha det Norge.

Adjö Sverige.

Goodbye, Scandinavia.




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