Stockholm Through Pictures

Today was our last full day of our adventurous trip. We squeezed a lot of fun activities in today that will hopefully give us lasting memories of gorgeous Stockholm.

We first went to The Pallace to tour the inside, and let me tell you, one can never see too many chandeliers. Next, we went outside and stood in line to watch the changing of the guard. It was really different than the one we watched in Copenhagen, but I loved the guards, and one even let us take pictures with him!

After that, we went to The Globe. You basically enter in a glass ball-shaped elevator and ride the track up a high building and you can see all of Stockholm. I couldn’t believe that there were other students that were afraid, because I am terrified of flying, but I was absolutely loving my ride in the globe!

We then split up for a little while and had a group dinner at a mid evil restaurant names Sjatte Tunnan. The menu was very different. They had moose, cod, chicken, and ribs. Those meats all sound great, but they all came with sides that I never heard of, and I didn’t feel that particularly courageous.

The atmosphere was fantastic because of the time period costume our waiter had on, and the music to follow. I ordered the pea soup with roasted pork. The pea soup was creamy and had a great greenish-yellow color. The pork was basically ham with a crunchy crust that melted like butter in my mouth. It. Was. So. Yummy.

By the time we ate dinner, it was almost 9pm. We then walked to the Fotografiska Museet (which took many, many flights of stairs). I am starting to appreciate photography more and more since writing my blog, so I really did enjoy all the exhibits. I couldn’t believe that they were open until 11pm, that is definitely the latest time I ever went to a museum. My favorite collection was that of Cooper and Gorfer because they looked just like paintings, and the detail was amazing.

Then we arrived back at our hotel around 11:30. I really wanted to check out our hotel’s Ice Bar, but it was sadly closed. At least I got a picture of the sign I guess.

I have really enjoyed the last leg of our adventure. Although I got homesick for like a day, I am really dreading going home and going back to work and school right away. Tomorrow is supposedly our last day (there is a huge snow storm in the mid ewes tour and I have no idea if we will be able to land on schedule) so i will really miss Scandinavia and all it has to offer.



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