Back to Reality

I would have to say that the overall trip was unforgettable. There were several unexpected events, but I think that was just part of the experience. You never quite get it right the first time, but eventually you catch on and get how to survive and make the most of the situations. I definitely did not pack enough shoes for this trip (or perhaps they weren’t sufficient enough for the weather and walking conditions, but I somehow managed), nor was I prepared for the cold weather and rain as much as I had anticipated (I ended up having to buy gloves and an umbrella that didn’t end up helping me too much due to the wind).

I definitely got my daily walks in for the day and saw plenty of museums. As an interior designer, I was blown away by the beautiful architecture and the use of sustainability. Not to mention all of the furniture and architectural museums they had there too. Even though I took the blogging class, it benefit me for my minor of new media, so either way, I was able to fully experience the interior design and new media aspects of this trip.

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It was extremely beneficial to be able to blog about the interior design related museums and events that happened, but because each day was filled with so much to do, it was difficult to keep up with writing a blog post a day. I found myself up late at night trying to blog about the events that day, but it was hard to write creatively and with a conscious mind as well. I always found myself extremely tired from the daily adventures. I think that maybe to help with the blogging struggles, perhaps having blog posts every other day would allow time for revisions and time for each blogger to creatively write about their post.

This trip overall was an amazing experience that I am so grateful. The opportunity to study abroad in Scandinavia and immerse myself in another culture has been such an experience. I didn’t think I would be given the opportunity to study abroad, but this trip and writing these blog posts have been so eye opening for me. Coming from a small town, I never thought I’d want to live in a big city with all the madness, but seeing the compact cities in Scandinavia have changed my mind a bit. Depending on the culture of the city, I don’t think I would mind living in the middle of the craziness. The chaos can be rather beautiful and enjoyable, it all depends on the view of the person.


This experience allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and enjoy the culture of new places. I’d definitely go on another adventure if I had the chance and I see myself planning trips to see other countries in the future.



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