Scandinavian Hangover

Normally, hangovers are considered a negative occurrence.  I will admit my first three nights home, I awoke in a wave of panic, feeling like I was running late for a tour only to have the panic dissolve into a daze of what I perceived as an unknown location: my bedroom. As hangovers go, the panic was gone after three nights, but I consistently feel the effect of Scandinavia on my life.


The meticulously built, open-faced sandwiches in Copenhagen have made their way into my morning routine. While I ate rye bread in Scandinavia, the rye bread I find here is too strong for me. Sans bread, I build a hard-boiled egg, mayonnaise, watercress, and shrimp masterpiece for breakfast my first weeks home. Lately, the “sandwich” has consisted of mainly the egg and mayonnaise. It’s not quite the same, but it will do until a return visit.


While on the subject of food, an American hot dog will never hold the appeal it once did. The Denmark dogs were so amazing with savory remoulade, thick rich ketchup, and spicy hot mustard hidden underneath the raw and French fried onions topped with fresh pickles. This is a taste sensation unable to be duplicated with our U.S. version missing remoulade, sweet ketchup and average mustard.

The cruise to Oslo and flight to Stockholm made quick trips possible, but maybe it also contributed to the surreal factor. Perhaps not, because we began our trip with an eight hour flight and that obviously didn’t have much of an effect on my perception of reality. For example, while standing immediately in front of the amazing art of famous artists like Picasso and Munch, I could not comprehend these were the actual paintings I read about in my art history class. Every part of this trip was more and more unbelievable.

Prior to going to Scandinavia, the idea of the trip seemed so unreal. Now, being home, it seems even more dreamlike. The flights were uneventful (thank goodness) and while I was very deliberate about taking these fantastic experiences in, I still feel somewhat  bewildered. I’m trying to find a day to organize my photos. Possibly I will feel different after the adventures are documented and in order, but only time will tell. Maybe a return trip is required to solidify my perception of this experience. Any takers?


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