Back in Cheese Country: A Reflection of My Trip to Scandinavia

I have now been back in Wisconsin for an entire week. I found it really hard to adjust to my new schedule, as I had to go back to school and work right away. It was so surreal coming home and writing an 8-page research paper, it was just last week that I was strolling through beautiful Stockholm drinking the best coffee and admiring the gorgeous historical atmosphere. I also have had some trouble adjusting to the time difference as I cannot sleep past 6 a.m.

I did not think I would miss Europe this much. I usually get very homesick when traveling, but I could have stayed in Scandinavia for another month! I find myself really missing the delicious European bread (I feel like our bread her doesn’t come close) that they served at every meal. I even went to Aldi’s to buy some German bread, but it just wasn’t the same (sad face).


This trip really exposed me to new things, and gave me a new outlook on life. I feel like I was super sheltered growing up in Brookfield, WI, and this experience helped me to understand people and the world in a new way. I loved experiencing a new type of government, trying new foods, and seeing the intercultural differences.

Now, reflecting back on my trip, it has really made me want to travel a lot more. This class also made me realize that my absolute dream-job would be travel blogging for a living. I would love to move to Europe one day and just live by the water. I have this new passion for discovering new lands, and meeting different kinds of people.

I want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with my blog posts, and taking this journey alongside me. I would also like to thank Mount Mary for organizing this life altering trip, and all the professors who accompanied us.

I will desperately miss you Scandinavia, and I hope to return one day soon!




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