Say Cheese

After amazing dinner in Stockholm, Sweden. We set out on a night journey to Fotografiska Monteliuswagen.  The photography museum is one of Sweden’s main attractions. There is over 500,000 visitors, who visit the museum every year.

It displays four exhibits a year from some of the best photographers around the world.The main goal of the museum is for individuals to find peace, strength and inspiration from the photographs.  The idea of a photography museum was created over seventy years ago. Then on May 20, 2010, that idea turned into a reality

The most interesting exhibit to be was by Lennart Nilsson . The exhibit that is currently displayed to honor him is called A Child is Born.

Egg Surrounded by Sperm
10 Weeks, The Embryo Reaches the Fetal Stage
13 Weeks
16 Weeks, The Fetus Movements Are Stronger
20, Weeks The Fetus Instinct to Suck is Tiggered by the Thumb

If photography becomes your calling, the museum offers lectures, workshops and course for you to participate in.



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