Say Yes to the Dress

The Royal Palace of Sweden officially had me feeling like a princess today. I was able to see the living quarters of past royalty.After touring the beautiful royal apartments, I was able to see the wedding dresses of royal weddings.

The room was lightly dimmed with the most elegant wedding dresses around the world on display. It was difficult to capture the perfect picture of the dresses because it was very crowded. I wish I could touch each and every one of them to feel their delicacy. I could feel myself daydreaming about me walking down the isle drowned lace. My favorite was Slivia 1977.

A couple of the gowns were worn more then once by different princesses for different events. The silk on the gowns looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. There were pearls embedded along with Swarovski crystals on one of the wedding reception gowns that was shining brighter than the stars. There were also evening gowns that the princesses wore to special events on display.

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Victoria 2010                 Madeleine 2013
Imagine that you were invited to one of the most elegant charity balls of the year. The most prestigious and respected guest are going to be in attendance. Which dress would you wear for the evening and why?




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