It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

It my last day in Sweden and Scandinavia . This is a really bitter sweet moment for me. I would love to come back and visit but I am also ready to go home. My trip was overall satisfying. Even the things that went wrong, turned out just fine. There isn’t one thing I would change.

What I will miss the most is the food. one thing I noticed about the fast food restaurants is that there are not drive-thrush. Which I can understand because almost everyone takes public transportation or taxis.

I will rate the food in Scandinavia a 9 out of 10. The only reason I am going to give it a 9 is because, it is so expensive to eat in Europe. It even cost to drink water in a restaurant. I was informed that this because of high rent prices. However, I must say that the water in Scandinavia did great justice in clearing the ridiculous acne from my face.

I know that you are not supposed to eat fast food while in another country because “it never taste the same.” but I could not resist the chicken Bigmac in Stockholm, Sweden. I have never seen a chicken Bigmac in America EVER.

First off, when you walk in there are these huge touch screens where you can order your food. You don’t even have to wait in a long line. After ordering on your own, then you pay at the counter. As fast as a cheetah, your order is up for you to enjoy.

Then the best part comes, EATING! The fries smelled like fresh potatoes hand picked right from the ground and I could smell the “Mac” sauce screaming underneath the bread.  When I took my first bite, the chicken was so tender, it crumbled in my mouth. It wasn’t only tender but fresh  including the fries, like it was just pulled form the fryer two seconds ago. The cheese was the only thing that I was skeptical about. It was not melted, even though my burger was warm. The sauce was to perfection, with a strong mayonnaise smell but it did not over power the ketchup, it was mixed just right.  Overall I must say that the McDonald’s in Sweden service and taste was better than at home.


I wish I could stuff my face for longer but I can’t. The flavors of all the different food I tried during my journey will forever be missed and remembered. I look forward to tasting more food if given the opportunity to travel to other countries.



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